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Mar 27 '14

Paint It Black - The Ledge

Tags: paint it black the ledge new lexicon hardcore listen music amazing punk

Mar 3 '14
EMPTYRINGS turned 4 today!

EMPTYRINGS turned 4 today!

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Tags: tumblr birthday tumblr milestone

Dec 10 '13

Cloak/Dagger - Execution

Tags: Cloak/dagger hardcore punk music listen

Dec 8 '13

Career Suicide - Play the Part

Tags: Career suicide punk hardcore music listen

Dec 6 '13

Titus Andronicus - A More Perfect Union

1 note Tags: Titus Andronicus music listen alternative

Dec 3 '13

Fucked Up - Turn The Season

Tags: Fucked up hardcore punk listen David comes to life

Nov 29 '13

Thursday - Cross Out The Eyes

Tags: Thursday post hardcore listen music

Nov 27 '13

Iceage - You’re Nothing

1 note Tags: iceage progressive hardcore punk listen

Nov 24 '13

From my friends in Sub Scum

Suburban Scum - Hanging By a Thread

1 note Tags: sub scum suburban scum hardcore punk listen

Nov 22 '13

Turnstile - Death Grip

Tags: turnstile death grip hardcore music listen

Nov 22 '13

takingmychancesonleaving asked:


LOL ok i will

Aug 29 '13

Blacklisted - I Am Extraordinary

3 notes Tags: blacklisted hardcore indie music listen

Aug 2 '13

7 Seconds - We’re Gonna Fight

Tags: 7seconds seven seconds punk hardcore listen

Jul 28 '13

Bane - As The World Turns

10 notes Tags: bane hardcore music hxc listen

Apr 25 '13

Cro-Mags - Don’t Tread On Me

Tags: cro-mags hardcore music listen punk